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Rock-a-Bully 2015

Saturday June 27, 2015
Club Marcella
622 Main St.
Buffalo, NY

6pm - 11:00 pm
$20 per person
Party Like an Animal for the Animals 
The 2015 Rock-a-Bully Concert Event planning is underway! Your committee is hard at work making sure you have the best time ever. We had to skip last year due to scheduling issues, but the fourth Rock-A-Bully Concert is right around the corner.  Live music, food, beer specials and raffle items, all for the low ticket price of $20 per person.  Ask anyone who attended previously and they will tell you it is the party that cannot be missed!  Rock your balls off and support the Fix-a-Bull program which funds free spay/neuter for owned bully breed dogs.
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